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I have used my ds logic pro and created a vpw protocol analyser for it which is linked elsewhere in the forums. I havnt needed the tool recently, but attempted to use it tonight with dsview 0.95.1 and it now fails to start capture with "failed to start session".

I checked and downloaded dsview v0.96 and the readme states to remove old versions including drivers. I uninstalled, then installed 0.96. Now windows 10 is not loading any drivers. It sees the device but says drivers not installed.

Are drivers available for "Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]"?

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Hi antus,

Please check the readme doc:
2. If your OS is WIN8 or above, please disable the driver signature enforcement before installing the software:

I think your don't disable the signature, so the new driver have not been installed correctly.

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Still, without signed Win10 drivers, the device becomes useless for people trying to use it in a commercial environment where disabling the signed driver enforcement might be either not possible or violate company directives.
Any chance that there will be a signed Win10 driver???
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