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I am a new user of the DSlogic (old version) tool. It is great. I like the current state of the DSview software, as well.
I am particularly enamored of the ability to run repetitive triggering, like a typical oscilloscope. I find this the most useful mode most of the time.
However, there are two problems with the current implementation of DSview.
1. After recording, it always returns the view point to the trigger part of the display. Like most oscillocscopes, it should be possible to manually shift the viewpoint to anywhere in the repeatedly collected data stream to see what is happening at a point potentially remote from the trigger event, without being continually reset by the completed recording. Perhaps this should be an option, to have it available both ways.
2. As with the single trigger mode, it keeps trying to flash up the record completion dialog, frequently not completing this before the next record run starts. In my view, this dialog is useless in both modes and should be replaced with a static trigger status display on the main screen. Perhaps red for armed, yellow for recording, and green for record complete. In repetitive mode it could alternate between yellow and green. Perhaps black when not in repetitive mode and not manually armed.
I think both of these changes are likely very simple.
Is it possible to build DSview natively in Windows?
I have been a Linux user in the past but do not maintain a Linux environment currently and I would like to have a go at making these modifications.
I would also love have included support for other common logic analyzers that I commonly use, so that repetitive mode would be available for them too.
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