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Hardware Setup

Internal Self Test

Internal self test is used to check the DSLogic hardware status. With current DSLogic software version, internal self test should be performed under 100MHz sample rate setting. If internal self test pass, it indicates most of the hardware work well. Otherwise, there are some problem with current hardware setup. It maybe caused by hardware issue, unstable USB connection or driver issues.

  • Internal Self Test Setting

Internal self test setting.jpg

  • Internal Self Test Result
Internal Self Test Passed Internal Self Test Failed
Internal self test pass.jpg Internal self test fail.jpg

Run without Trigger

Step1: Device Configuration
  • 1: click the "Config Device" tool button
  • 2: select the right device mode
  • 3: Enable channels in use
La config device.jpg
Step2: Setting Sample options
  • 1: Select sample depth
  • 2: Select sample rate
La sample setting.jpg
Step3: Start Capture
  • 1: click the "Run" tool button
  • 2: Wait the capture processing done
La capture wo trigger.jpg
Step4: Capture Done
  • *check the waveform
La capture wo trigger done.jpg

Run with Simple Trigger

Run with Advanced Trigger

Channel Operations


Pattern Search

Protocol Decoder

Step1: Add Protocol Decoder
  • 1: click the "Protocol Decoder" tool button
  • 2: Select protocol you want to decode
  • 3: click the "Add" button to config the decoder
  • 4: Setting the decoder, and then click the "OK" button
La protocol setting.jpg
Step2: Protocol Decoding Done
  • *After done,a new row will show the decoding result
  • *You can reconfig/delete the decoder using right button
La protocol done.jpg

Screen Capture

Session Save/Load