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The DSLogic project aims at creating an Open-Source, Low-cost & Extensible electronic instrument for makers and electronic enthusiasts. DSLogic was successfully funded on KICKSTARTER:

Currently, DSLogic support following functions:

  • Logic Analyzer. 4 channels@400MHz / 8 Channels@200MHz / 16 Channels@100MHz; 256Mbit on-board memory; Advanced trigger feature with 16 Stages.
  • Wireless Data Acquisition. Arduino compatible wireless probes, NRF24L01+ based, ability to connect with various Arduino sensors.
  • Oscilloscope. 30MHz bandwith; 200MHz@1 Channel / 100MHz@2 Channles sample rate; ±25mV~±25V(x1 probe) input range; ±100V overvoltage.


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Logic Analyzer

Wireless Data Acquisition